Sion – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Apprentice

My name is Sion and I am a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering apprentice. I started my apprenticeship with Rittal-CSM in September 2015. At the end of my apprenticeship I will have a Level 3 qualification as well as four years of on-the-job experience.

A typical day for me starts with machine handovers from the previous shift. I’ll look at what ran well, what tooling is needed and any problems the machine that I’m on might have had.

During my time here I’ve learnt how to operate various machines that are able to punch, laser, fold and stud sheet metal. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn MIG and TIG welding and how to draw and interpret engineering drawings with the use of Autocad.

I like working at Rittal-CSM because there are lots of areas where I can develop my skillset. There are so many machines onsite and a lot of them work differently. Part of my apprenticeship is learning what the machine is capable of, how to problem solve any issues it has and how to produce our products well. My role is very structured; I know what my day will involve, even though each day can vary. I like the challenge of doing better and improving the work I do. I like working as part of a team and it’s great to learn from people who have a wealth of experience from working here.

Qualities that I am able to bring to this job are that I am versatile and perhaps offer a different approach to things. I am competitive, which means I’m always trying to do better. I am reliable and I want to do a good job for the company.

In the future, I’d like to progress into either a supervisory/managerial role. I also have a lot of interest in maintenance engineering and design.

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