Zack – Industrial Engineer

My name is Zack and I am an Industrial Engineer. I graduated from Plymouth University in 2016 with a Bsc (Hons) Mechanical Design and Manufacture degree, achieving a First Class. It was at this point that I decided I wanted to go straight into employment and was fortunate to land a graduate position with Rittal-CSM.

Having the role of an Industrial Engineer means that my day to day work activities can range from engineering design, project management and creating layouts for shop floor production among others. These work activities are carried out in order to achieve company targets such as investment projects, continual process improvement and new product introduction. Our department’s main focus at the moment is accommodating the company’s new order book; this has involved liaising with shop floor staff with layouts to achieve suitable process flow and working alongside other departments such as Maintenance to carry out production machine moves.

I enjoy working at Rittal-CSM because of the role I have within the business and the people I work with. I am able to learn new skills every day from my colleagues – their experience has enabled me to expand my knowledge in order to progress my engineering abilities. Working as part of a team is highly rewarding. Also, the scope of areas to learn new skills within the business is quite extensive; it can range from anything within the sheet metal processes through to the final build and assembly departments.

A particularly rewarding project I’ve worked on here was planning, designing and building an Assembly build table from scratch. The project involved inter-company departments working together, which meant the final design and implementation worked very efficiently. The project has meant that we have been able to reduce the risk of manual handling concerns within the business for that process.

Qualities that I am able to bring to this job are good project management and dedication. I like to see projects through to completion, which in turn gives me a great sense of achievement. I am able to understand and design complex engineering drawings and I believe I work well under pressure.

In the future, I’m looking forward to developing my robotic skills and taking on more complex projects within the business. I like the diversity that Industrial Engineering brings and see myself becoming a more senior engineer. No two days are the same in industrial Engineering, which means I’m always engaged in the work that I do.

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