Ian – Production Engineer

My name is Ian and I am a Production Engineer. I’ve worked for Rittal-CSM for 40 years now. I originally started an apprenticeship with the company, where I gained a Mechanical and Production qualification equivalent to a BTEC. The apprenticeship was a great opportunity for me because I was able to gain a wealth of experience whilst also getting a qualification.

Once my apprenticeship was complete, I worked within various departments within the business and was able to work on several different projects. I have extensive experience in working with Brake Presses but I am also familiar with punching machines, power presses, spotwelding, studwelding, welding, drilling and tapping! I’ve also had opportunities and experience of more traditional sheet metal work with hand tools. These projects tended to be more intricate.

In my current role, I am responsible for generating BOMS and routings for non-OEM products on the Production Engineering Directory. This role entails checking the feasibility of manufacturing the design and purchasing tools when necessary. I am also responsible for programming many of our current punching machines.

During my time here I have had the opportunity to work on many complex and intricate projects and have been able to use my problem solving skills. One particular problem I solved was that of reducing the number of reject parts generated off a Brake Press. It involved some simple location stops which enabled a greater accuracy to be achieved. It gave me a great sense of achievement.

I like working at Rittal-CSM because the people I work with are a great bunch. This isn’t just in my own department, but across the whole company. The company also offers great job security. I enjoy the project-based work I do and I like problem solving.

I believe that because of starting at apprenticeship level and learning the business, I am able to provide a wealth of experience and understanding of our products to others. I understand our constraints and how we can try and improve them. I also have a great appreciation of what other members of the business do, particularly on the shop floor.

I am quite happy working in my current team; we are a diverse group of people from various different backgrounds and experience. This means I am able to learn new skills all the time.

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