Rittal-CSM Customers: Our Global Business

Many global industries, including some of the largest businesses in the world, rely on IT and automated manufacturing processes for their very existence. Any failure of their production or data management equipment could be catastrophic and so providing the optimum conditions for its safe and continued operation is essential. The protection of highly sensitive equipment offered by Rittal’s technology can be vital, not just to these business’s day-to-day operations, but to their very existence.

Some examples of the sectors and businesses we support:

Automotive industry: keeping production lines running 24/7 is obviously an imperative for vehicle manufacturers. Rittal supports some of the world’s leading brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, with its enclosure technology, climate control, power distribution and backup, as well as planning tools and global service.

Railway technology: there is an increasing reliance on digital technology for running our railways but placing sensitive equipment that is vital to the safe running of trains right next to the tracks, exposed to all weathers, obviously carries risks. Rittal’s enclosure and housing technology is suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, and protects exposed, sensitive equipment from vandalism, dirt, cold, water, and the harshest of climates.

Renewable energy: global attention is shifting away from burning fossil fuels to generate heating and electricity, to other means of sustainable energy production that are now integrated into national networks. Rittal’s equipment is being installed to house outdoor and indoor systems that monitor and manage a range of environmentally friendly energy platforms from wind power and solar energy, to hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy.

Airports: everything in modern airports from reservations, to check-in, baggage handling, air traffic control (ATC) and control rooms, noise monitoring and apron navigation, and even systems such as airside lighting, is dependent on automation and IT equipment such as servers, UPS batteries, PLCs and inverter drives. The world’s busiest airports, including London, Heathrow, Munich and Frankfurt, rely on Rittal products and services to house their systems and ensure their smooth, safe running and facilitate a seamless customer experience.

• Information technology: The adoption of smartphones, tablets, notebooks – not to mention wearable technology – means there is barely an hour of any day when most of us are not close to internet-enabled devices. Added to which, the growth in cloud services means the demand for datacentres continues to grow at a fantastic rate. Technology is advancing and its changing needs are reflected across IT infrastructure. Rittal racks and technology are vital to support critical operations for companies such as Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, with significant demand for our modular systems and finished, turnkey, datacentres.

• Maritime applications: nautical conditions present some of the world’s most challenging environmental settings, particularly for electronic equipment. Rittal’s maritime portfolio of enclosure and case technology is proven to protect delicate, highly sensitive and complex systems across every aspect of maritime application – including navigation for shipping, oil and gas extraction, and port technology – from the most demanding of external conditions.

Food industry: food processing is a sector that demands very high standards of hygiene, and the systems it employs are required to continually meet daily production throughput targets. Rittal’s system solutions, the Hygienic Design enclosure and climate control range has been specifically developed for the demands of food and beverage industry to minimize cross-contamination in this most challenging of sectors.

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